Metals and Minerals, A. Jonathan Buhalis
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stone wall, A. Jonathan Buhalis
by Jonathan Buhalis

Minerals are those limited resources extracted from the earth or the sea to serve civilization. Some minerals are discussed elsewhere, including resource metals, precious metals, metalloids,and fossil fuels. There are several other categories of minerals, examined here. Note that these categories have a lot of overlap, but this is a general sorting.

Many limited resources are chemical elements. For a roadmap of the elements, see the Periodic Table.

Agricultural minerals
Biological and medical minerals
Construction minerals
Composites and advanced materials

Agricultural minerals
by Jonathan Buhalis
These are the minerals used to nourish plants.

vegetables, A. Jonathan BuhalisAgricultural
B, A. Jonathan BuhalisBoron
N, A. Jonathan BuhalisNitrogen
P, A. Jonathan BuhalisPhosphates
K, A. Jonathan BuhalisPotash
S, A. Jonathan BuhalisSulfur

Biological and medical minerals
by Jonathan Buhalis
These minerals are used in medicine, historically or now, and play an important role in biology
rod of AsclepiusBiological
Br, A. Jonathan BuhalisBromine
Ca, A. Jonathan BuhalisCalcium
I, A. Jonathan BuhalisIodine
saltshaker, A. Jonathan BuhalisSalt
Sr, A. Jonathan BuhalisStrontium
ripples on a pondWater

hardhat and plans, A. Jonathan BuhalisConstruction minerals
by Jonathan Buhalis
Minerals for construction are usually cheap and abundant, used in bulk.
cement mixer truck, A. Jonathan BuhalisCement
the pyramids as dimension stone, A. Jonathan BuhalisDimension stone
gypsum, A. Jonathan BuhalisGypsum

by Jonathan Buhalis
Gemstones are the beautiful stones used primarily for decoration.
gemstones, A. Jonathan BuhalisGemstones
diamond ring, A. Jonathan BuhalisDiamond
emerald, A. Jonathan BuhalisEmerald
ruby, A. Jonathan BuhalisRuby

Composites and Advanced Materials
by Jonathan Buhalis
Composites and advanced materials are often created from two or more input substances.

composite layers, A. Jonathan BuhalisComposites
biofiber blocks, A. Jonathan BuhalisBiocomposites
carbon nanotubes, colorized, A. Jonathan BuhalisCarbon fiber
concrete squareConcrete
optical fiber bundle, A. Jonathan BuhalisOptical fiber
steel bars, A. Jonathan BuhalisSteel alloys
jet afterburner, A. Jonathan BuhalisSuperalloys
magnetic levitation toy, A. Jonathan BuhalisSuperconductors
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